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OSS Kid's Prototype Gi Pre-Wash Review

If you haven't read Meerkatsu's interview with OSS Clothing, the "About Us" blurb on their site goes like so:
Welcome to OSS Clothing, a premier apparel company born on the island of Oahu and spreading across the pacific. We believe that it’s the journey, not the destination that defines us and makes us who we are.
The name OSS is short for Oshi Shinobu. The first character “Oshi” means “to push,” and the second character “Shinobu” means “to endure.” Together they symbolize the importance of pushing, striving and persevering. To push yourself to your limit, when your body quits but your mind keeps pushing, when your mind is exhausted, but your spirit keeps you going, you endure the pain, you persevere, that is OSS!
OSS is a lifestyle brand designed by the people and powered by heart. We draw our inspiration from the indomitable spirit, we may lose the battle but we shall never be defeated! OSS!

When I saw OSS Clothing post the photo below on Facebook, I knew I needed to have that gi right away.  Unfortunately for OSS, but fortunately for me, they had ordered adult gis but were shipped children's gis in error.  I immediately jumped on the opportunity to buy one of the unwanted gis and was able to work out a deal for one of their prototypes.   The person I spoke to about the gi was Eric Goo; he was so nice he even sent me a photo of his 4'11 inch tall daughter to show me the sizing of the gi.

I own this.  FYI.

There's a great thread on Sherdog about the testing of the OSS gi so check it out when you have a few minutes.  

The jacket features:

  • 550 gram pearl weave one-piece jacket (no back seam)
  • Rubberized collar
  • Contrast grey stitching
  • Reinforcement along the inner chest seam
  • Contrast grey cotton reinforcement at the skirt splits.
  • Tailored cuffs reinforced with cotton taping 
  • Embroidered kanji "to push" and "to endure" on each sleeve
  • "OSS" embroidered at the back collar
  • "Persevere" embroidered in silver on the front jacket skirt

The pants feature:

  • 8 oz cotton twill 
  • Tailored fit 
  • Reinforced, 550 gram pearl weave gusset 
  • Padded knees with 6 rows of vertical reinforcement stitching
  • Tailored cuffs reinforced with cotton taping
  • Embroidered kanji at the right hip
  • Embroidered "O" with kanji at the back left calf
  • 8 drawstring loops
  • Corded drawstring

This gi has a very modern, yet traditional feel.  It's very, very cool.

The measurements of the gi (pre-wash) in inches are:

Gi Size K4
Sleeve Length 59
Jacket Height 25.5
Jacket Width 21.75
Jacket Overlap 12.5
Wrist Cuff 5.5
Armpit 9
Pant Waist 17
Pant Length 32
Ankle Cuff 7
Crotch Depth 8.5
Crotch Width 9.5
Gusset width 12.5

My measurements are:

Thigh circumference17.5
Calf circumference12.5
Hip to ankle31
Bicep circumference10
Forearm circumference8.5
Shoulder to wrist 19
Arms front wrist-to-wrist57
Arms side to side wrist-to-wrist49

I've used the Fushida Sports Corp measuring guide model for these measurements.  Here is OSS's posted size chart:

Please see the video below for a complete, pre-wash review.  I will be following up with an additional review once I have been able to roll in the gi and measure any shrinkage.  I am also wearing the Jaco Hybrid Performance Training Top and Tatami vale tudo shorts; the shorts are the most comfortable shorts I've ever trained in and are on sale right now (May 16, 2012) at Tatami for $7.   Reviews of both coming soon!  Following the video is a series of photos of the gi's features.  

Check back soon for a post-wash, post-roll review plus new measurements and contact OSS Clothing to purchase one of these sick gis for yourself!  

OSS gi
Pants front 

Pants back

8 belt loops, corded drawstring

Reinforced gusset

Reinforced knee, calf symbol

Close up, calf symbol

Hip embroidery and reinforcement

Pant cuff

Jacket front
Jacket back

Skirt reinforcement

Inner chest seam reinforcement

Jacket contrast stitching

Sleeve embroidery

Collar embroidery

Cuff reinforcement

Skirt embroidery

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