Saturday 5 May 2012

Killer Bee Kimono's Ligustica MK II Review

The Killer Bee Kimono's Ligustica MK II is one of my all time favourite gis. It comes in black, blue and white and I've had mine for about a year.  I've hot washed and dried it about 20 times (I exaggerated in my video review a little, not thinking) and it's still in perfect condition because of the high quality construction and fabric.  Pricing is very reasonable at $78US for the top and $37US for the pants; they're sold separately rather than as a single proportion gi.

I'll give you a few brief facts and some photos but there's not much sense in typing out everything I've already said in this video. 

It's possible that the gi I reviewed is small for me but I'd rather have it a little too small than a little too big.

The features, as described on, are summarized as follows:

The Ligustica Mark II is the next generation of light weight gi tops offered by Killer Bee Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Kimono's line of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu wear. Light weight, clean design, and durable are the core attributes of this gi. They include

New "KillerBee" Weave pattern for the fabric. It's tight, strong, and durable.

Gi tops are pre-shrunk. There will still be some shrinkage during the first wash and dry cycle. The chart below assumes the gi top has been washed and dried already. It is constructed from a single piece of fabric and has a rubber foam collar to prevent mat stink.

More reinforcements. In addition to triple row stitching we also use a surging technique to reinforce the primary seam running through the gi.This helps prevent fraying and separation of the seams.

Patches? What patches. Taking a cue from our customers we have eliminated all patches from the gi and are now only using embroidery.  This will last longer and allows the BJJ student to place their own artwork on the gi.

Smaller cuff openings for the pants and the gi tops.

I found the gi top to be a little short at the skirt but otherwise it fit very well.  

Standard reinforcements in the pants and gi top. Note that the front of the pants have been reinforced from the crotch to the cuff rather than just the knee.

My only criticism regarding the pants is the ripstop drawstring as it isn't long enough and is hard to untie when wet.  I replace mine with corded drawstring, which I also bought from

Easy return policy. NO HASSLES. Really.  That's what he says but I wouldn't know because I love my gi and would never send it back!

I hope I've covered everything in my video but if not, feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.  The size chart for the top can be found here and click here for the pants.

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