Sunday, 19 October 2014

Review: Submission Fight Company Hemp BJJ Tshirts

Brazilian jiu jitsu is addictive and after you’ve been training for a while, you’ll notice that it has taken over your life. When my fitness routine consisted of lifting weights five days a week, I never wore anything outside of the gym that would indicate that weightlifting was “my thing”. My workout gear consisted of cheap shorts or gym pants and tshirts I got at Walmart. Things are much different now. Now I have more jiu jitsu gear than I have normal clothing. Now most of my tshirts are BJJ-related even though I’m almost forty (sad, I know). So when When Shakib Nassiri, the owner of Submission Fight Company and a purple belt under Jean Jacques Machado, contacted me about reviewing the new hemp Brazilian tshirts, I agreed immediately.  

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Preview: Submission Fight Company Aura Gi Pants

I've been sent Submission FC's Aura gi pants to review and here's the truth:

I'm wearing them right now.

I might wear them all day, they're that comfortable. They're a poly/cotton blend and they're available now for $59.95. Scroll down for pics and measurements and remember to click photos to enlarge. My full review is available on Breaking Muscle!

Preview: Mitmunk Vostok Leggings

The best thing about training jiu jitsu is being able to wear clothing that you haven't been brave enough to wear in public since elementary school. When Can Sommez, AKA Slideyfoot, shared a photos of the Bionic leggings by Mitmunk, I knew I had to try them.