Sally Arsenault was not an athlete growing up and did not begin fitness training until she was 26 years old. Her first love was weight lifting but after being robbed at gunpoint twice, she decided to learn self-defence to try and take back a sense of control over her own safety.

After trying muay thai, MMA and BJJ, she decided to focus on BJJ as it is a leverage-based martial art which was developed for small people, like her, to defeat larger attackers. Although she initially had no intention to compete, the idea grew on her.

Now Sally is a BJJ Purple Belt who trains under Renzo Gracie Black Belt Kevin Taylor at Titans MMA in Halifax, NS. Inspired by watching participants in the documentary Cubicle to the Cage training under Titans MMA Coach Peter Martell, she began training Muay Thai, wrestling and MMA with hopes to some day compete in the Atom weight division.

Mixed Martial Arts is Sally’s passion and she is constantly researching training methods and techniques, supplements, nutrition, testing new training gear and following leaders in the sport to learn their strategies to become a better athlete and fighter. She is a sponsored athlete of Q5 Combat supplements,  Killer Bee Kimonos and Aggro Photography. To save 10% on product at Q5 Combat, use the code "SALLY10".

She loves training, reading and shopping. She also loves sharing her findings with others! All of these things combined = this blog.

Twitter: @sallyarsenault


  1. Have you had any amateur/pro fights yet?

  2. Not yet, I'm still working on my stand up! Hopefully soon.

  3. Hi Sally
    I'm a newbie to grappling and have been trawling through the net over the last 2 months.
    Just found your articles on breaking muscle, very interesting and I hope to try out your suggested circuits this week - I'm a puny guy so need some effective strength training.
    I also read that you found the breakthrough changing aspects of your diet - id be interested To know if you could share a little about what I've changed? Ive been experimenting with various foods to help my endurance and anabolics but just can't seem to find the right thing. Appreciate all the info you've shard so far, and best wishes for success in your journey.

  4. Hey Kal,

    I think Joel Jamieson gives great S&C advice on his blog, and another writer on Breaking Muscle, Andrew Read, is very good also.

    As far as diet, I think it's just eating clean and enough to provide energy. John Berardi's Grappler's Guide to Nutrition is great but I think it's just basic principles; lean meats and healhty carbs with each meal.

    A lot of the guys at my gym are reading Mark's Daily Apple blog and find that to work for them.

  5. Hi Sally
    Congrats on your tournament success. I saw couple videos and you looked awesome.

    Just wanted 2 give a little feedback on some of the diet stuff u might be interested: I am trying Chia seeds for the last couple months and i don't 'see' any change, altho it is definately nourishing - so thx 4 the tip.

    One other thing i found is Spirulina (powder). This seems to have an instantaneous effect on energy, but particularly mental acuity/clearness. The stuff stinks like a dead 'roaches rectum, but if u mix with some juice and gulp down, no harm done! From my reading I know a some people object to its' B12 not being absorbable by humans, but the effect is clear and immediate (for me). I've pretty much replaced the pre-workout creatine i was taking with this now. Maybe give it a shot.

    all the best,

  6. I just read your article on "The Life Changing Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu", which was EXCELLENT.

    I am a judo and BJJ participant, and also a professor of sociology currently studying martial arts participation, looking at some of the exact themes you referred to in your article.

    I would love it if you could take AND promote the survey to other martial artists. We have about 200 respondents right now.

    If interested, please email me at

    I appreciate your help!!

    Matt Wilkinson

  7. Great blog!!! I just clicked through from Youtube and found you. I already added you to my blogroll.


  8. Hey thanks, Jay! I mostly just post gear previews here now but thanks for the add! I'll check your blog out for sure!


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