Sunday, 21 June 2015

Play-by-Play: Submission Series Pro 2 - The Takeover - Liera vs Tinoco

Thank you very much BJJ Scout and for hosting another SubmissionSeries Pro Play-by-Play! Read on to find out what went down during this exciting night of fights!   
Submission Series Pro – The Takeover – Liera vs Tinoco
Halifax, NS
June 20, 2015

Photos by Martin Blais of Aggro Photography

Dave Reynolds And (W)Marco Leblanc – Leblanc submits Reynolds with a kimura in 3 minutes
(W)Judo Jon Williams Vs John Barr – Williams submits Barr with an inverted heelhook in 4 minutes
Ryan Connor Vs (W)Mike Thibodeau – Thibodeau submits Connor with an armbar in 6 minutes
Sarah "The Bully" Smith Vs Christine Royal Fader - Draw
Dana Dickeson Vs Nicholas Nahas/Fresh Prince Of Donair – Draw
(W)Pete O’neal Vs Michael Kitson – O’Neal submits with armbar in 6 minutes
(W)Josh Presley Vs Juliano Macario – Presley submits Macario with a triangle in 2 minutes
Jaret Macintosh Vs (W)Josh Hinger – Hinger submits Macintosh with a monoplata in 7 minutes
(W)Andris Brunovskis Vs Josh Wincey – Brunovskis submits Wincey with an armbar in 6 minutes
Michael Liera Jr Vs Marcos Tinoco – Draw

[6:54 PM]they're lining up on stage now
sally[6:55 PM]hahaha the line up
sally[6:55 PM]it's worse than end of class people figuring out where they go
sally[6:56 PM]Hinger asked me if I was BJJ Scout

sally[7:06 PM]On the mat is Dave Reynolds and Marco Leblanc
sally[7:07 PM] Reynolds had de la Riva
sally[7:07 PM]Leblanc passed now he's knee on belly
sally[7:08 PM]Leblanc is going for the collar
sally[7:08 PM]attempted cross choke
sally[7:08 PM]now Marco is in mount
sally[7:08 PM]going for cross again
sally[7:08 PM]Reynolds swept and is in open guard
sally[7:08 PM]now trying to pass
sally[7:08 PM]did a knee slide but he's back trying to pass again
sally[7:09 PM]Leblanc is trying spider
sally[7:09 PM]swept
sally[7:09 PM]Marco is in side control
sally[7:09 PM]working on the arm
sally[7:09 PM]far arm
sally[7:09 PM]he's got mounted crucifix
sally[7:09 PM]Reynolds bridging but no dice
sally[7:09 PM]triangle attempt reverse triangle
sally[7:10 PM]kimura
sally[7:10 PM]by Leblanc
sally[7:10 PM]3:50
sally[7:11 PM]Nice the winner gets a datsusara backpack

sally[7:12 PM]JUDO JON WILLIAM’S, Brown belt
5'10 / 170 lbs
Synergy BJJ / BTT Canada
5'7'' / 167lbs
sally[7:12 PM]on mat
sally[7:17 PM]Judo fought in the last event and got a sick armbar finish
sally[7:17 PM]The other guy trains at TJ Grant's camp, FitPlus
sally[7:17 PM]John Barr
sally[7:17 PM]Barr is wearing the red and white
sally[7:17 PM]Judo the black and brown
sally[7:18 PM]he trains in Fredericton NB
sally[7:19 PM]we're starting now
sally[7:21 PM]the badger John Barr
sally[7:21 PM]Judo Jon
sally[7:21 PM]they're tying up
sally[7:21 PM]Judo pulled guard
sally[7:21 PM]John in deep half
sally[7:22 PM]Barr is on the back his leg around the neck
sally[7:22 PM]going for the arm bar
sally[7:22 PM]Barr going for armbar
sally[7:22 PM]Judo rolled backward and got out
sally[7:22 PM]Judo on his back now in seated guard
sally[7:22 PM]pulling reverse dlr
sally[7:22 PM]inverted
sally[7:22 PM]Barr trying for knee on belly
sally[7:23 PM]still in half
sally[7:23 PM]backs out
sally[7:23 PM]still in half now
sally[7:23 PM]Judo got the underhook went to deep half
sally[7:23 PM]back to open guard, half, deep half
sally[7:23 PM]trying to waiter sweep
sally[7:24 PM]Judo is going for the back
sally[7:24 PM]looking for the toe hold
sally[7:24 PM]now Judo is in Barr’s butterfly
sally[7:24 PM]Judo goes for ankle lock
sally[7:24 PM]Barr’s looking for his own toehold
sally[7:24 PM]leg battle ensues
sally[7:25 PM]ankle lock attempt by Judo
sally[7:25 PM]Barr going for toehold again
sally[7:25 PM]heelhook attempt by Judo
sally[7:25 PM]heel hook submission by Judo Jon Williams
sally[7:25 PM]4:10

sally[7:26 PM]Next up
sally[7:28 PM]RYAN CONNOR, Purple Belt
FitPlus Martial Arts
Victory Jiu Jitsu Academy
sally[7:28 PM]Ryan Connor is also out of TJs gym
sally[7:28 PM]Mike Thibodeau is out of Shane Rice's club
sally[7:29 PM]I think Ryan is also an MMA fighter
sally[7:29 PM]Listening to Dan Vanderlans commentating
sally [7:29 PM] he's cracking me up
sally[7:30 PM]oh yeah it looks like they both do MMA
sally[7:30 PM]can you hear Dan talking?
pmilb [7:30 PM] nope they put it to the same page with sponsors
sally [7:30 PM] hahaha he's talking
sally[7:30 PM]only I'm enjoying
pmilb [7:31 PM] or the two fighters I should say and their sponsors
sally [7:31 PM] ok
sally[7:31 PM]this is hilarious
sally[7:33 PM]here we go
sally[7:33 PM]I love Craig's socks
sally[7:33 PM]and belt buckle
sally[7:33 PM]veteran submission grappler
sally [7:33 PM] Mike Thibodeau
sally[7:34 PM]they hug it out
sally[7:34 PM]now tying up
sally[7:34 PM]grip fight
sally[7:34 PM]feeling it out
sally[7:34 PM]single leg by Mike
sally[7:34 PM] guillotine attempt
sally[7:34 PM]now back on the feet after some open guard
sally[7:35 PM]grip fighting again
sally[7:35 PM]pummeling
sally[7:35 PM]going for the trip
sally[7:35 PM]Mike pulls guard
sally[7:35 PM]great white grip over the arm by Mike now a sweep to mount by Mike
sally[7:36 PM]deep half for Connor
sally[7:36 PM]now omoplata to single attempt
sally[7:36 PM]armbar attempt for Mike
sally[7:36 PM]deeeeeep
sally[7:36 PM]no the elbow is out
sally[7:36 PM]resetting in the middle
sally[7:36 PM]open guard
sally[7:36 PM]Mike is in mount
sally[7:37 PM]armbar attempt again now Connor is working on the leg, now trying to pass half
sally[7:37 PM]Connor has a darce attempt from half
sally[7:37 PM]Connor in mount now
sally[7:37 PM]now half guard for Mike
sally[7:38 PM]Connor is in Mike's guard
sally[7:38 PM]he had Mike's arm under his own back, pulling at it for one of those cop submissions
sally[7:38 PM]oh shoot
sally[7:38 PM]no go
sally[7:38 PM]Ryan trying to posture
sally[7:38 PM]Mike hunting the arm
sally[7:38 PM]resetting back to the middle
sally[7:39 PM]Connor in side
sally[7:39 PM]going for knee on belly
sally[7:40 PM]armbar by Mike Thibodeau
sally[7:40 PM]sorry, got sidetracked
sally [7:41 PM] people were talking to me

sally[7:41 PM] Next up
Blue Belt
5'6 / 149 lbs
Toronto BJJ
Blue Belt
5'7 / 146 lbs
Titans MMA / Taylor Gang BJJ

sally [7:44 PM] ok so the women are getting ready
sally [7:45 PM] I wonder who will be coaching Sarah
sally[7:50 PM]Sarah doesn't have a coach, she's a lone wolf
sally[7:50 PM]looks calm as a cucumber
sally[7:50 PM]Christine is at the other end of the mats
sally[7:51 PM]I can't see her, it's pitch black on stage
sally[7:54 PM]ok here we go
sally[7:54 PM]first ever women's submission only match for the SS Pro
sally[7:55 PM]Ok they hugged it out
sally[7:55 PM]now they're crouched and looking for an entry
sally[7:55 PM]Sarah pulled gull guard
sally[7:55 PM]looking for the collar
sally[7:55 PM]has the collar and sleeve
sally[7:55 PM]posture is broken
sally[7:55 PM]Sarah looking for the elbow
sally[7:56 PM]Sarah is looking for a cross choke
sally[7:56 PM]going from cross collar choke attempt to the arm
sally[7:56 PM]now it looks as though she's trying for pendulum
sally[7:56 PM]Christine has posture
sally[7:56 PM]Sarah looking for the sleeves and collar
sally[7:57 PM]still a closed guard battle
sally[7:57 PM]Christine has posture, still a grip battle
sally[7:57 PM]Christine thought about standing pass
sally[7:57 PM]Christine looking for her own grips on the lapels
sally[7:57 PM]Sarah trying to isolate the arm
sally[7:58 PM]Sarah trying to push the elbow
sally[7:58 PM]now Christine is trying to crush the hips
sally[7:58 PM]now Sarah is trying a footlock
sally[7:59 PM]she gets swept
sally[7:59 PM]Christine is on her back now
sally[7:59 PM]Bully going for toe hold
sally[7:59 PM]the Bully on top in half guard
sally[8:00 PM]Christine turtled now she's fighting open guard
sally[8:00 PM]trying to pass knee shield
sally[8:00 PM]Bully going for the lapels
sally[8:00 PM]Christine going for toreando
sally[8:01 PM]Sarah going for a collar choke from the bottom
sally[8:01 PM]she has it on the face though
sally[8:01 PM]Sarah is attempting butterfly
sally[8:01 PM]now Christine is in full guard and they're fighting grips
sally[8:02 PM]Sarah has the sleeve
sally[8:02 PM]Christine has the waist, now she's up
sally[8:02 PM]Sarah has Christine's lapel wrapped around her own leg now across the neck of fader
sally[8:03 PM]knee shield again
sally[8:03 PM]Christine is going for double unders
sally[8:03 PM]stack pass
sally[8:03 PM]now back in full guard
sally[8:03 PM]Sarah has the lapel
sally[8:03 PM]wrapped around the arm and the neck but no go
sally[8:04 PM]Christine's corner is calling for posture
sally[8:04 PM]now seated guard for Sarah
sally[8:04 PM]Christine is back fighting knee shield
sally[8:04 PM]working on toreando
sally[8:04 PM]Sarah has this lapel still between her legs
sally[8:05 PM]she's trying to get it around Christine's neck, breaking her posture
sally[8:05 PM]pushing the hips with her feet
sally[8:05 PM]Christine is still in knee shield
sally[8:05 PM]Sarah is working on a cross choke
sally[8:06 PM]now Sarah has full guard and grips for the cross choke
sally[8:06 PM]Sarah lost the grips
sally[8:06 PM]she has that lapel again
sally[8:06 PM]now reaching for Christine's collar
sally[8:06 PM]now spider bicep rid
sally[8:06 PM]toreando attempt by Christine
sally[8:07 PM]she could try for a toehold in this knee shield
sally[8:07 PM]go backward instead of forward
sally[8:07 PM]she's trying an over under pass
sally[8:07 PM]trying for a knee slide from knee shield
sally[8:08 PM]Christine passed but then got put right back into full guard
sally[8:08 PM]90 seconds left
sally[8:09 PM]Sarah has the feet on the hips
sally[8:09 PM]Christine passed
sally[8:09 PM]going for side
sally[8:09 PM]has the side
sally[8:09 PM]going for an arm
sally[8:09 PM]Sarah inverting
sally[8:09 PM]now she's back in full guard
sally[8:09 PM]Christine is in Sarah's guard
sally[8:10 PM]15 seconds
sally[8:10 PM]draw

sally[8:13 PM]Next up
6'1 / 210 lbs
Titans MMA / Taylor Gang BJJ

sally[8:17 PM]The guys are on the mats
sally[8:19 PM]Big man battle
sally[8:19 PM]I love Nick's moustache
sally[8:19 PM]Fresh Prince of Donair
sally[8:19 PM]hugged it out
sally[8:20 PM]grip fighting
sally[8:20 PM]goes for the trip
sally[8:20 PM]Dana
sally[8:20 PM]Dana is going to be going for the trip or take down
sally[8:21 PM]still grip fighting trying to set up a take down
sally[8:21 PM]Dana is in Nick's guard now
sally[8:21 PM]almost fell off the stage
sally[8:21 PM]Nick gripping the sleeves
sally[8:22 PM]Nick is awesome at the ninja choke
sally[8:22 PM]baits a guard passer into passing, then chokes
sally[8:22 PM]it looks as though he was setting it up there
sally[8:22 PM]now Dana is in Nick's half guard
sally[8:22 PM]chilling there
sally[8:22 PM]on top
sally[8:22 PM]sprawling
sally[8:23 PM]he's back in full half guard
sally[8:23 PM]Nick is trying Ezekiel
sally[8:23 PM]now Dana is in Nick's full guard again
sally[8:23 PM]Dana standing to pass
sally[8:24 PM]Nick fighting to retain guard
sally[8:24 PM]I’m cracking up at Dan and Craig's commentary
sally[8:24 PM]grip battles in guard
sally[8:24 PM]Dana stands
sally[8:24 PM]Nick trying for the hip bump
sally[8:24 PM]now they're back on their feet
sally[8:24 PM]Dana went for the trip
sally[8:25 PM]pulled Nick's gi over his head accidentally
sally[8:25 PM]now they're tied up
sally[8:25 PM]broke it up
sally[8:25 PM]now looking for grips again
sally[8:25 PM]grip fighting
sally[8:25 PM]Nick has the lapel and arm
sally[8:25 PM]Dana got the take down
sally[8:25 PM]a trip
sally[8:26 PM]now he's in Nick's half guard
sally[8:26 PM]has the cross face on the top
sally[8:26 PM]Nick is keeping his knee pushed down with a grip on the pants
sally[8:26 PM]fighter are reset to the middle
sally[8:26 PM]Nick has lock down
sally[8:27 PM]he's reaching up and grasping Dana's collar
sally[8:27 PM]bit of a scramble, Nick trying to close, back in half guard
sally[8:27 PM]Nick is wrapping the lapel around the back of Dana's neck
sally[8:27 PM]Dana is trying to isolate Nick's arm
sally[8:28 PM]now he's chilling a bit on top
sally[8:28 PM]Nick has the collar, going for Ezekiel
sally[8:28 PM]Dana is pressuring, trying to pass
sally[8:28 PM]trying to get mount by sliding the knees from half over to the side
sally[8:28 PM]he has mount.
sally[8:28 PM]now he's going for Nick's collar
sally[8:28 PM]sprawling, putting his weight on Nick
sally[8:29 PM]he's just chilling in mount here,
sally[8:29 PM]now trying to get a deep grip in Nick's collar
sally[8:29 PM]bit of an oopa attempt by Nick
sally[8:29 PM]now he's in Dana's full guard
sally[8:29 PM]oh shit
sally[8:30 PM]Nick is always choking people out in their own guard with Ezekiel. Not tonight
sally[8:30 PM]Dana got pendulum now Dana is in Nick's full guard off the scramble
sally[8:31 PM]Nick has his guard open, they're grip fighting
sally[8:31 PM]Dana is standing, pushing that knee to the floor with a grip on the inside knee of the pants
sally[8:31 PM]now he's in half guard
sally[8:32 PM]Dana is still in Nick's half guard, trying to tripod
sally[8:32 PM]Nick trying for Ezekiel
sally[8:32 PM]Dana has double unders
sally[8:33 PM]Dana back in Nick's guard
sally[8:33 PM]Nick going for hip bump
sally[8:33 PM]Dana gets half guard
sally[8:33 PM]isolating Nick's arm on the bottom
sally[8:33 PM]Nick has full guard again
sally[8:34 PM]Dana pushing Nick's lapels to the floor under the arm, setting up a pass
sally[8:34 PM]now he's seated
sally[8:34 PM]Dana heavy in Nick's guard
sally[8:34 PM]I have the best seat in the house
sally[8:34 PM]front row with commentary
sally[8:35 PM]draw

sally[8:39 PM]Next up my BFF Mike Kitson
sally[8:39 PM]PETE O’NEAL, Purple Belt
6'2 / 187 lbs
Atos Jiu Jitsu, San Diego, CA
6'0 / 187 lbs
Titans Jiu Jitsu Academy

sally[8:48 PM]guys are stepping on the mats
sally [8:53 PM] here we go
sally[8:53 PM]first international match
sally[8:53 PM]stare down
sally[8:54 PM]Mike is a Judo black belt
sally[8:54 PM]looking for grips
sally[8:54 PM]flying attack by Pete
sally[8:54 PM]O’Neal gripping the sleeves
sally[8:55 PM]now lapels
sally[8:55 PM]Kitsy in Pete's guard
sally[8:56 PM]Pete is pushing off the hip isolating an arm
sally[8:56 PM]Kitsy broke out
sally[8:56 PM]William’s guard by Pete
sally[8:56 PM]Kitsy working for grips
sally[8:56 PM]crushing the hips
sally[8:56 PM]Pete working for angles
sally[8:57 PM]going for Kitsy's pants
sally[8:57 PM]now working lasso
sally[8:57 PM]shin on shin
sally[8:57 PM]spider for Pete
sally[8:57 PM]Kitsy working on setting up a stack pass
sally[8:58 PM]Kitsy has the hips, working on the stack, Pete keeping his back flat on the mat
sally[8:58 PM]Pete working on setting up some kind of spider
sally[8:58 PM]back in full guard
sally[8:58 PM]William’s guard for Pete
sally[8:59 PM]he's trying to set up for gogo or omoplata
sally[8:59 PM]has the omoplata set up
sally[8:59 PM]triangle
sally[8:59 PM]has the arm trapped as well
sally[8:59 PM]armbar set up as well
sally[9:00 PM]pulling on Mike's arm
sally[9:00 PM]still on the triangle
sally[9:00 PM]armbar for Pete
JOSH PRESLEY, Blackbelt, Titans
JULIANO MACARIO, Blackbelt, Forca

sally[9:04 PM]up next
sally[9:04 PM]this is a last minute match up
sally[9:04 PM]to replace hood rich vs jason gagnon
sally [9:08 PM] Juliano is out of Forca
sally[9:08 PM]both local
sally[9:09 PM]Presley placed bronze at worlds in purple belt
sally[9:09 PM]silver at blue belt
sally[9:09 PM]I don't know a lot about Juliano
sally [9:10 PM] 2nd degree black belt apparently de la riva
sally[9:10 PM]Juliano
sally[9:10 PM]2011 world champion?
sally[9:10 PM]that's what Craig just said
sally[9:10 PM]Presley is boss. Last minute match
sally[9:10 PM]it's on
sally[9:11 PM]Presley went to seated guard
sally[9:11 PM]Macario trying to pass
sally[9:11 PM]Presley just got his black belt two weeks ago
sally[9:11 PM]Presley inverted
sally[9:11 PM]Macario flips him up
sally[9:11 PM]now knee shield
sally[9:11 PM]Presley going for de la Riva
sally [9:12 PM] foot work by Juliano
sally[9:12 PM]Presley has his back
sally [9:12 PM] Macario over the bottom hook
sally [9:12 PM] Presley pulls him back
sally[9:12 PM]Presley has a triangle from the back
sally[9:12 PM]deep triangle, Macario is standing, trying to shake him off
sally[9:12 PM]Presley wins by triangle
sally[9:13 PM]so exciting
sally[9:13 PM]first match at black belt

sally [9:16 PM] JARET MACINTOSH, Black Belt
5'10 / 182 lbs
Titans Jiu Jitsu Academy
5'11 / 171lbs
Atos Jiu Jitsu, San Diego, CA

sally [9:25 PM] here we go
sally [9:26 PM] Jaret rocking that BC Kimono gear
sally[9:26 PM]Jaret is also a Judo black belt
sally[9:26 PM]Hinger pulls the head down
sally[9:27 PM]they're grip fighting
matt [9:27 PM] lmfao Keenan doesn’t know how to say Josh's name
sally [9:27 PM] grabbing for the back of the head
sally[9:27 PM]Jaret tries a trip
sally[9:27 PM]feeling out a take down
sally[9:28 PM]Jaret pulls butterfly
sally[9:28 PM]he's a Marcelo fan
sally[9:28 PM]Hinger in Jaret's half guard
sally[9:28 PM]Jaret has a hook under the leg
sally[9:28 PM]crossface by Hinger
sally[9:28 PM]Jaret trying to sweep
sally[9:29 PM]goes for the kimura momentarily
sally[9:29 PM]he still has that hook under Josh's thigh
sally[9:29 PM]now full half guard
sally[9:29 PM]he's working on Jaret's arm
sally[9:29 PM]monoplata set up by Hinger
sally [9:29 PM] back to seated guard
sally[9:30 PM]standing
sally[9:30 PM]grip fighting
sally[9:30 PM]still on the feet
sally[9:31 PM]Hinger pulls guard
sally[9:31 PM]Jaret is in his closed guard
sally[9:31 PM]going for hip bump
sally[9:31 PM]Jaret breaks guard
sally[9:32 PM]knee shield by Hinger
sally[9:32 PM]Jaret went for a leg lock but now Hinger is on top in side
sally[9:32 PM]triangle from side by Hinger
sally[9:32 PM]tap
sally[9:32 PM]Hinger by triangle
sally[9:32 PM]he stepped over from side
sally[9:32 PM]oh shit
sally[9:32 PM]no it was monoplata
sally[9:32 PM]I couldn't see

sally [9:35 PM] ANDRIS BRUNOVSKIS, Black Belt
5'11 / 160 lbs
Atos Jiu Jitsu, San Diego, CA
5'9 / 169 lbs
Titans MMA / Taylor Gang BJJ

sally [9:37 PM] Josh Hinger is sitting with us
sally[9:38 PM]He says Andris is a sniper
sally[9:38 PM]Latvian army
sally[9:39 PM]two matches left
sally[9:39 PM]Wincey vs Andris
sally[9:39 PM]Tinoco vs Liera
sally[9:44 PM]Andris is white chocolate apparently haha
sally[9:44 PM]here we go
sally[9:45 PM]pulled guard
sally[9:45 PM]worm guard for Andris
sally [9:45 PM] sweep for Andris
sally[9:45 PM]Andris on Wincey's back
sally[9:45 PM]Wincey chilling
sally[9:45 PM]bow and arrow set up by Andris
sally[9:45 PM]Hinger says Andris taught Keenan the worm guard
sally[9:46 PM]Andris was the director of Keenan's video set
sally[9:46 PM]bow and arrow set up by Andris
sally[9:46 PM]now armbar, holding Wincey's pants at the outside knee
sally[9:46 PM]Wincey defending
sally[9:46 PM]Wincey escapes
sally[9:46 PM]back to worm
sally[9:46 PM]Wincey has a footlock set up
sally[9:46 PM]Andris fights it
sally[9:47 PM]half guard
sally[9:47 PM]head pressure by Andris on Wincey
sally[9:47 PM]side control for Andris
sally[9:47 PM]stepping back trying to mount
sally[9:47 PM]knee on belly
sally[9:47 PM]north south
sally [9:47 PM] looking for the back one hook
sally[9:47 PM]looking for Wincey's lapel
sally [9:48 PM] has an arm isolated
sally [9:48 PM] body triangle by Andris
sally[9:48 PM]Wincey has his back on the mat
sally[9:48 PM]Andris trying to isolate the arm
sally[9:48 PM]corner calling for kimura trap
sally[9:49 PM]now Andris has mount
sally[9:49 PM]Wincey is turtling
sally[9:49 PM]looking for Wincey's collar
sally[9:49 PM]has hooks
sally[9:49 PM]Wincey fighting grips
sally[9:49 PM]Andris still has body triangle
sally[9:49 PM]he has an armbar set up
sally[9:50 PM]Andris is hooked under the leg
sally[9:50 PM]with the elbow
sally[9:50 PM]has Wincey's elbow
sally[9:50 PM]Wincey escapes
sally[9:50 PM]now omoplata set up for Andris
sally[9:50 PM]Wincey rolls out
sally[9:50 PM]Andris sets it up again
sally[9:50 PM]has the lapel over the back
sally[9:50 PM]he's trying to roll
sally[9:51 PM]Andris still has omoplata set up
sally[9:51 PM]Wincey rolled
sally[9:51 PM]Andris team is calling for a choke
sally[9:51 PM]Wincey taps to omoplata
sally [9:53 PM] Andris gets his battle pack
bjjscout [9:53 PM] That datusara swag

sally [9:53 PM] next up Liera vs Tinoco
sally[9:54 PM]MICHAEL LIERA JR, Black Belt
5'10 / 172 lbs
Atos Jiu Jitsu, San Diego, CA
6'2 / 181 lbs
Marcelo Garcia Academy NYC

sally [10:02 PM] main event
sally[10:02 PM]here we go
sally[10:03 PM]Andris in  Liera's corner
sally[10:03 PM]Pete O’Neal on commentary now with Dan
sally[10:04 PM]Tinoco pulled guard
sally[10:04 PM]Liera has the pants pushing down on the hips
sally[10:04 PM]Marco on the sleeves
sally[10:04 PM]Marco has a grip on the sleeve and the pants
sally[10:04 PM]Liera going for the pants again at the waist
sally[10:05 PM]Tinoco sweep attempt
sally[10:05 PM]Liera still has that pant grip
sally[10:05 PM]now the sleeves
sally[10:05 PM]now one sleeve and under one leg
sally[10:05 PM]Liera is standing
sally[10:05 PM]Tinoco inverts
sally[10:05 PM]scramble
sally[10:06 PM]double guard
sally[10:07 PM]Liera's corner is calling for grip break and inversion
sally[10:07 PM]O’Neal is saying he thinks they're setting up berimbolos
sally[10:08 PM]grip fighting
sally[10:08 PM]Andris is calling for worm from Liera
sally[10:09 PM]O’Neal is saying crab ride attempt
sally[10:09 PM]still double guard work
sally[10:09 PM]berimbolo attempt
sally[10:10 PM]Presley is joining commentary
sally[10:11 PM]Marcos working a knee slice
sally[10:11 PM]Liera has grips
sally[10:11 PM]jump to armbar by Marcos
sally[10:12 PM]now seated guard Liera
sally[10:12 PM]double guard again
sally[10:12 PM]Liera tried inverting
sally[10:12 PM]has trips on Marcos pants
sally[10:13 PM]grips
sally[10:13 PM]grip battle
sally[10:14 PM]Liera got a lasso broke grips
sally[10:14 PM]now pulling at the lapel
sally[10:14 PM]of Marcos
sally[10:14 PM]Andris suggesting shin on shin
sally[10:15 PM]Marcos comes up
sally[10:15 PM]Liera tries a sweep
sally[10:15 PM]back to double guard
sally[10:15 PM]Andris calling for bolo
sally[10:16 PM]double guard
sally[10:16 PM]Liera comes up
sally[10:16 PM]has Marco's pants
sally[10:16 PM]knee shield
sally[10:16 PM]by Marcos
sally[10:16 PM]seated guard
sally[10:16 PM]Liera trying to pass
sally[10:16 PM]Tinoco tried some rdlr
sally[10:17 PM]now back to double guard
sally[10:17 PM]Marcos put his foot under Liera's arm but Liera doesn't want it
sally[10:17 PM]Liera trying to come up
sally[10:18 PM]dlr for Liera
sally[10:18 PM]footlock attempt Marcos
sally[10:19 PM]draw
sally[10:19 PM]both guys look disappointed
sally [10:22 PM] both guys got that Datsusara swag

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