Tuesday 8 May 2012

Fushida "CompLS" Women's Gi Review

If you are not dazzled by the above photo, you don't deserve this gi.  When I saw that photo for the first time I knew I had to have the Fushida CompLS and up to that point, I didn't even really like white gis.  The embroidered "FUSHIDA" across each shoulder accompanied by the purple embroidered logo makes the styling of this gi minimalistic and "classy", for lack of a better word.  The inner cuff taping, the thick collar and the soft draping of the gleaming white fabric said to me that this was a top quality gi. The photo doesn't lie; of all of the gis I've bought, this is definitely the nicest looking and the quality is top notch.  These sentiments have been repeated in nearly every other review of the Fushida CompLS I've read.

The Pre-Sale Experience

The Fushida "CompLS" Women's Gi was available for pre-sale in late October or early November 2011 (I can't remember exactly when). What I liked about Fushida's pre-sale is they discounted the price by about $20 to make up for the fact that you had to wait to receive it.  They promised it would be delivered approximately six weeks from the pre-sale date, and it was.

(start rant)

I've done the Shoyoroll pre-sale for "The Yank"; I waited about 6 months to receive it and when it finally got here, the A0 I had ordered turned out to be too big for me.  And the gi was unexceptional, to be honest.  After all the hype I was pretty disappointed.  I was able to sell "The Yank" on ebay but it was frustrating because I couldn't just send it back and get the right size; also selling on ebay is a hassle because you have to deal with all of the bidders' questions and then pack it and ship it and pay the ebay fees.  Some people make money selling Shoyorolls on ebay but you don't make anything selling an A0.  Even worse, if you still want a Shoyroll, you have to wait another few months for the next batch to come out and then another six months after that to get the gi. It's absurd!

The Fushida CompLS stocked larger quantities and I'm assuming customers could possibly exchange for sizing purposes.  They are also still available for purchase now at $149.99 in all sizes in both white and black.  Other gi companies *cough Shoyoroll* could learn from their example.  There are two Shoyoroll gis available to purchase right now in my size at Budovideos but my pre-order experience with them irritated me to the point that I don't want one anymore.  They're overpriced and overrated, in my opinion, and they make no allowances for the inconvenience of the pre-sale.  They give the impression that I should feel honored to be able to purchase the sacred Shoyoroll in the limited time frame they make available to me. Yuck.

(end rant) 

Another thing Fushida did, and this was actually the reason I bought the gi, was release high quality photos of it before the pre-sale, rather than just a drawing of what it would look like.  As the pre-sale date neared, more photos became available and they do accurately represent the gi.

Customer Service

I hadn't contacted Fushida regarding my gi purchase but I have read a great review of the customer service received by popular BJJ review blogger and fightwear designer, Seymour Yang AKA Meerkatsu.  Check it out.

Video Review

I'm too lazy to type; see my video below for detailed analysis followed by Fushida's CompLS "Features".


IBJJF approved, meeting all requirements.

Jacket Features 

  • Womens specific cut
  • Light weight 450gr Pearl Weave fabric (pre-shrunk)
  • One piece jacket design with no back seam
  • Signature Fushida competition collar
  • Anti-Microbial EVA foam collar to keep bacteria out
  • Heavy reinforced seams and stitching at all high stress points
  • Custom Fushida woven tape edge on outer skirt edge 

  • Custom Fushida woven inner taping in wrist cuffs
  • Purple accent trim on inner length of collar 
  • Embroidery: Both Shoulders and “in spiritu et veritate”, which means "in spirit and in truth", on upper back  

Pants Features

  • 12 oz drill cotton pants with Pearl Weave gusset
  • Dual Core Rope drawstring reducing binding (32 Thread Count)
  • 4 point oversized loop system ensures waist stays in place and increases strength
  • Heavy reinforced seams and stitching
  • Custom Fushida woven inner taping in ankle cuffs
  • Purple accent trim on inner waist band
  • Embroidery: Bottom left pant leg.  The logo in the photo above isn't places in that area on the pants, it's a part of the photo.
The CompLS also comes with gi bag to "use for small items or as patches".  I put my wet gi in my bag but what you choose to do with it is your call.

Below is the size chart.  I'm 5'0, 105lbs so as you can see, I'm not on there.  My gi is a little big for me even after washing it in hot and drying it several times but I think an average-sized woman would be very happy with the fit. 

UPDATE:  I sent a link for my review to Christo at Fushida Sports and he asked for my measurements, etc. to keep in their database and possibly use to develop a size F0 for smaller women in the future.  Super nice guy. 

Check out their Fitting Assistance service.

I would highly recommend this gi.  I hesitated in the past when considering white gis because white pants can become transparent when wet but I was confident that the 12oz cotton pants would not, unlike some ripstop and lighter weight pants.  Some people avoid white gis because they get dirty faster but with proper maintenance, I think it could look fresh for as long as you want it to.  I personally think a beat up greyish gi looks badass.

I hope this review was useful and come back soon to check out the upcoming Jiu Jitsu ProGear Rip Stop Light gi.

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