Sunday 11 August 2013

Preview: Killer Bee Kimonos Women's Custom Gi

I'm a sponsored athlete of Killer Bee Kimonos and I've tried three of their gis: the kid's gi, the women's gi and the custom women's gi shown above. A full review of the custom gi, including the ordering process, which was fun, is coming soon to Breaking Muscle.
I customized the measurements, removing two inches from the jacket and left the pants as they are typically manufactured. In the future, I'll remove two inches from the pants as well though. Custom embroidery included Taylor Gang, which is my team name, on the front overlap and back, and I sewed the Q5 Combat patch on it myself. I am also a sponsored athlete of Q5 Combat supplements and my friends and family discount code to save 10% on your entire order is SALLY10.

Order your custom gi at Killer Bee Custom Gi and get whatever color, stitching, embroidery, measurements, trim you want starting at $140US. You can even customize a belt, too! Remember to like Killer Bee Gis on Facebook and use code FACEBOOK10 to save 10% on your order! If you order a custom gi, use code CUSTOM15 for 15% off.

This is the one I just received.

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